Our focus is to provide our patients with Classical Acupuncture methods that are based on the original practices of this healing art form. To learn about Classical Chinese Acupuncture and Traditional Japanese Meridian Therapy click here

Essential Oils, Herbal Medicine, Gemstone & Dietary Therapies

Diet and nutrition are the foundations of wellness. Dietary therapy in Chinese Medicine is customized to each individual and is crucial in the treatment of any chronic disorder. 

Essential Oils and Gemstones are potent forms of herbal medicine because they each resonate directly with the essence of the human body.  ‘Essence’ in Chinese Medicine, also referred to as the ‘Jing’, corresponds to the body’s deepest energetic level. In scientific terms, Essence or Jing relates to the body’s genetic material and the DNA.

Gemstones are the most potent form of herbal medicine as they are substances that evolve and transform over time without degenerating like plant and animal substances and can therefore imbue more permanent healing. 

Essential Oil therapy is an ideal treatment for addressing emotional and mental imbalances because the oils directly transmit through the olfactory system to impact the limbic brain where traumatic memories are stored.

Qi Gong


The word “Qi” (or “chi”) means “life force” or "vital energy" of the body and the word “Gong” means "skill" that is cultivated through steady practice.  Thus, Qi Gong means “the skill of cultivating energy.”

The practice involves gentle, rhythmic exercises combined with simple breathing techniques to relieve stress, support detoxification, regulate the immune system and thereby increase the body’s innate healing abilities. The exercise routines can be learned easily and are perfect for people of all ages and fitness levels. Classes are held two Saturdays of every month 9:30am-10:30am with Salvador Cefalu, M.S., L.Ac. $20 drop-in.  Click here to register.

Yoga Integration

A gentle blend of Yin-Yang Yoga with Meditation and insights based on the principles of Chinese Medicine. Yin Yoga increases flexibility through long held postures that stretch the connective tissue, circulating blood, fluid and energy through the meridians. This allows for the nervous system to calm down and the hips, pelvis and lower back release to bring greater comfort in the body-mind for daily activities and for meditation practices. Yang Yoga is more active and designed to strengthen the muscles and increase endurance. Learn more at



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