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Release Your Pelvic Floor, Unleash Your Creative Power

  • Dharma Studio at A Center for Natural Healing 1817 Pruneridge Ave Santa Clara, CA, 95050 United States (map)

A Yoga Workshop with Setareh Moafi, L.Ac.

Price: $40 if registered by March 1st, $50 thereafter @ Dharma Studio at A Center for Natural Healing 1807 Pruneridge Ave, Suite C, Santa Clara

The hips and pelvis accumulate tension primarily due to stress, extended periods of sitting and improper usage. This area connects to the 2nd chakra, or energy center, which holds our creative potential. Inhibited flexibility in the pelvic floor can result in bladder and bowel problems, sexual dysfunction, back pain, and can even impede our ability to sleep restfully. Underlying the pain and tension in our body is an inherent potential waiting to be accessed. In this workshop, Setareh Moafi, L.Ac. will guide a Yin/Yang Yoga practice blending long held stretches with dynamic movements integrated with the wisdom of Chinese Medicine - all aimed to release the hips and pelvis. You will learn simple, powerful tools to release the pelvic floor and thus cultivate greater freedom and creative power in your life. All ages and levels welcome. Visit for more information and practice with her at home on YouTube.