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Applying the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine to Optimize Your Health & Vitality

Vibrant Yoga Life, Ignite Your Radiant Health, is an online summit. Starting April 27th it will air a no-cost speaker series featuring 15 experts in the field of yoga, nutrition, and wellness.

Setareh Moafi, L.Ac. will present a talk, “Applying the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine to Optimize Your Health & Vitality,”  that will air on Tuesday, May 5th at 2:00pm, Pacific (available for 48 hours).

In this talk you will:

* Be introduced to the 5 Elements of Chinese Medicine: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water
* Understand how each of these elements relate to nature, the seasons, our health, and Yoga practice
* Explore the 5 Element personality types
* Learn simple tips to balance the 5 Elements and improve your energy and health