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yoga retreats

Yoga Integration Half Day Retreats

Saturdays: May 11th (Spring), August 10th (Summer), November 9th (Autumn) 9:30am to 1pm each day

Join Dr. Setareh Moafi for a morning of Yin & Yang Yoga and meditation guided through the lens of Classical Chinese Medicine.

You’ll learn to use insights from the Five Elements to cultivate a home practice and adjust your lifestyle for the each season to bring your goals and dreams to fruition.

Qi Gong

Triple energizer Qi Gong

Triple Energizer Qi Gong focuses on increasing the strength of your three primary energy centers, which store and activate energy to vitalize your body’s organ and glandular systems.

Regulating the dynamic function of these centers is fundamental to optimizing your well-being and healing your body and mind.

Join Salvador two Saturdays a month 9:30am - 10:45am for Triple Energizer Qi Gong—gentle, rhythmic exercises combined with conscious breathing to help you enhance your immunity, support detoxification and strengthen your constitution for healthy longevity.