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your journey to wellness begins here. 

Welcome to our award winning family owned wellness center where you'll find an array of services and resources to support you to optimize your health.

A dynamic husband and wife team of Licensed Acupuncturists, we specialize in Classical Chinese Medicine and Traditional Japanese Meridian Therapy, a rare, non-insertion Acupuncture treatment that uses only light needle contact on the skin's surface. 

Our intention is to adapt classical healthcare methods for your modern life in a way that's personalized, accessible, nurturing and highly effective.

We look forward to meeting you.

To your health,

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Events and Highlights

The Yin & Yang of Nutrition: Customizing Your Diet for Optimal Health - Join Dr. Setareh Moafi August 25th & 26th for an exploration of Chinese medical food energetics to customize your diet for optimal health. More information and registration here.

Five Element Yoga Integration Half Day Retreat - Join Dr. Setareh Moafi October 20th for an integrative yoga & meditation retreat. All levels welcome. Learn more & register here

Start your week with incredible energy and clarity - Join Salvador Mondays at 11:45am for an empowering hour of Qi Gong. Register here.

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