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your journey to wellness begins here. 

Welcome to our family owned wellness center where you'll find an array of services and resources to support you to optimize your health.

A dynamic husband and wife team of Licensed Acupuncturists, we specialize in Classical Chinese Medicine and Traditional Japanese Meridian Therapy, a rare, non-insertion Acupuncture treatment that uses only light needle contact on the skin's surface. 

Our intention is to adapt classical healthcare methods for your modern life in a way that's personalized, accessible, nurturing and highly effective.

We look forward to meeting you.

To your health,

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Events and Highlights

The Yin & Yang of Nutrition: Customizing Your Diet for Optimal Health - Join Dr. Setareh Moafi August 25th & 26th for an exploration of Chinese medical food energetics to customize your diet for optimal health. More information and registration here.

Five Element Yoga Integration Half Day Retreat - Join Dr. Setareh Moafi October 20th for an integrative yoga & meditation retreat. All levels welcome. Learn more & register here

Start your week with incredible energy and clarity - Join Salvador Mondays at 11:45am for an empowering hour of Qi Gong. Register here.

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